Random Thoughts

Sun, 4 Nov 2001

Film with applied laugher just make me so confident. I always know when to laugh. It is so embarrasing to laugh at the wrong place. Don't you agree?

Mon, 15 Oct 2001

Been a while. Well things goes on in a rather tiresome non event fashion. Put up some more pictures in the photo section. I really like the coulorful autumn leaves one. Inventions, inventions, but this one is genious. A combustion engine with only two moving parts. Maybe this could be combined with the high air pressure car that I mentioned earlier.

Tue, 5 Jun 2001

The Casio Camera is much better, thou more expensive. It has just about all features you can think of (panorama, moviecapture, manual settings, scenes settings, 8x optical zoom, 1cm macro etc etc). One problem is that the contrast is a bit too strong (the manual adjustment does not seem to have any real effect), and the pictures is maybe a little underexposed per default.

Fri, 1 Jun 2001

Oups, May just gone... Well... Got tired of the HP camera. Bought a Casio QV-2800UX instead. More fun...

Wed, 25 Apr 2001

The Human versus Technology race has begun. We run towards a future of extreme technology and science. We are now digging deep into very dangerous knowledge and doing this fast, perhaps a bit too fast... I sincerely hope we have solved our own problems like greed, terrorism, power abuse before we invent things we might loose control over. The day we are able to create autonomous self replicatable robots it will just take one man to commit the ultimate crime of releasing these to the ground. Let me just tell you how close we are. We are now at the startingpoint to play God with existing life. Genetically modified plants are spreading itself across the globe. To the amusement for laywers and other legal establishments because the patent owner of the modified plant is claiming royalties from the unaware farmers, and the farmers in turn sue the owner for contamination of their seed. The computer development is accelerating fast and computer capacity increases to almost doubling every year. We are also facing breakthough computer technologies like extreme small molecular computers and quantum computers that are millions of times faster and smaller then today. The raw computional power of a normal computer will whithin 30 years pass our own brain. Nanoscientists talk of their advances in atom assembly and preaching their ulitimate goal of creating self replicating nanobots that will be able to build just about anything atom by atom.

Now you tell me if we are in safewater here.

Would you trust goverment with these technology?
Would you feel confident if Saddam Hussein knew how?
Are you sure that we will not for one single time make any dangerous misstakes when creating something that is autonomous and self replicating and maybe even evolving?

Thu, 12 Apr 2001

Argh, I really want to hack this digitalcamera. When the light is dim it has problem to focus properly. I need a manual focus too. Wonder if the camera "os" is upgradable in any way... Unfortunatley I really don't expect to get any relevant information from HP. Bummer...

Mon, Apr 9 2001

A digital camera is more fun then a scanner ;) I've taken hundreds of photos. It's a HP PhotoSmart c215, and it takes fairly good pictures, at least for a $170 priced camera. Batteries was a consumerware until I hacked together a rechargable external battery pack. It is a 6v 3600mAh for a Sony digital camcorder and I've been running for two days now without recharging. The problem was that the PhotoSmart can't take rechargable batteries internally (they have some less voltage then alkaline batteries), so therefore I made an external pack instead.

Mon, Mar 26 2001

A scanner is fun! Hmm, I've been scanning lots of photos and stuff. I bought one this week, and these are cheap nowdays, something like $100, and still work extremly well. Hmm I'm waiting for a digital camara to arrive too. Maybe I will put out some pictures here soon...

Tue, Mar 20 2001

He's a Jehovah's Witness, and is handing out Watchtower and Awake!, their paper. Wonder how it is possible to be so persistent in what he's doing. He was very happy to give me one copy. It's mostly about the Kingdom of God and their Bible and that we should wake up now. It does also cover some intresting topics about birds and seals, and that we should care about these.

Thu, 15 Mar 2001

He's back... The paperman in Stockholm subway that is. He is a well known person to most of the central subway travelers here. He has been absent for a few days and I was starting to get worried. I think he's from India. Most of the time carrying cool black sunglasses waving his paper of some kind. I really wonder what it is, must check someday.

Wed, 14 Mar 2001

I saw Powder, a film with Sean Patrick Flanery. Very insightful about the human race, lack of human love, technology and being diffrent from others. Recommended with a weepwarning.

Fri, 9 Nov 2000

Invention to save the planet. A car on air.

Thu, 18 May 2000

I've quit my job at Tripnet. Now I'm heading down to Spain, and hopefully a warmer climat. Then I would like to travel around the world for a while.

Tue, 11 Jan 2000

Wow, why is'nt there more films like The Sixth Sense. Impressive, and it's all due to the actors stunning performance and a genious director. I almost start to cry by just thinking of it. I must see it again.

Tue, 21 Dec 1999

God... life really sucks now.

Sun, 19 Dec 1999

Had a night visit from my catfriend. It's a big brown-grey striped cat, very friendly, and he purrs allmost all the time. It's not my cat or so, but sometimes he seems to be just waiting and simply insists to get in and slips through the door when I arrive at home. So usually I just give in and thinks, well, what the heck, make your self at home then... He sure does that by almost throwing himself at the first carpet in the hallway, purring so my whole apartment vibrates. I can't for my life figure out what he likes to eat though, I've tried milk, cream, butter, meatballs, hotdogs, meat whatever... But he just sniffs, and looks at me very strangely like he tries to figure out what I mean by that, and then just turns around. I wonder what a cat really thinks. Hmm, well, maybe I should try some junk catfood from the localstore instead. You never know.

Mon, 22 Nov 1999

Watched Star Trek Insurrection yesterday evening. It's a really good film. Wonder what would happen if humans would live for an eternity. Maybe we finally would settle down and learn something valuable about our life like the Baku people.

Mon, 15 Nov 1999

Why is the car window wiper only sold with a metal holder, when it's only the 5c rubber part that usually needs to be replaced?

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